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Here, we've collected some very important information for those looking to start a career with our innovative and quickly growing firm. On this site, you'll find information about rF, how we work, general info about benefits, job postings, educational resources and more.


We are an independent, fee-only financial planning firm, what this means is that we look out for the best interests of our clients first and we are beholden to no large investment or financial company. We are also dedicated to providing some of the best investment service and financial planning advice in the industry at some of the most attractive pricing available. Furthermore, we are investing heavily into growing our firm and our planning/technological capabilities constantly.

What we do:

Although we are a financial planning firm we are not just financial planners. There are many different things that we help our clients with. Some of the things that we specialize in are investment planning, retirement management, college planning, tax planning/preparation, estate planning, providing employer plans, and more. 

Not just a financial firm 

On top of the services and something that we participate in at rebel, we see ourselves as more than just that. Currently, we have our own nonprofit 4Advisors which helps inspire independence and advocate change for advisors who want to go independent and own their own advisory firms. In addition to that, we are a B Corp meaning that we have met the highest standards for social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Most importantly though we here at rebel believe that we are a great place to work for.

Creating a positive place to work

At rebel Financial, we strive to create an environment where individuals are excited and comfortable with their workspace

Engagement events

We participate in weekly events/activities called rebel rousing.  

perks and access

When you become a member of the team you are given access to our gym, full-size kitchen, VR rooms, and more!

Pet-friendly environment

Those with well-trained and friendly pets have the ability to accompany them to the office. 

Rewarding Coworkers

rebel team members have the ability to award and recognize their peers through our bonusly program 

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What We are looking for

A Self Starter

We need motivation and creativity to implement new ideas into our company. We are constantly working diligently in making rebel Financial not only better for our clients, but also our employees. 


 One of the things that makes rebel Financial great, is our commitment to teamwork and positivity in our office. We are looking for a candidate that is focused on learning all areas of our company and prepared to take action with our team

Tech Focused

Believe it or not, rebel is a very tech-oriented company. To excel in any of our positions, we require a high level of understanding and commitment to technology and software. Knowing your way around a computer and being a self-learner is taken to a high degree in all of our positions


Our office is a tight-knit community. The ideal candidate should be able to work well with others and have an open mind. Our goal is to have an open, safe, and comfortable work environment. We sure hope you like our jokes!


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