Compensation and benefits:

rebel Financial is committed to being a social enterprise that looks after all stakeholders. In line with this we want to be an employer of equity that takes care of our employees financially, offering great benefits, opportunities for growth and advancement, as well as the ability to dedicate their professional life to work worth doing. We also take our responsibility to our clients, community, and charitable giving very seriously, which makes us less profitable: While this may prevent us from being at the top of salary and compensation studies for financial advisory/planning firms, we  offer a rare career opportunity to do good in the financial industry with the capability for any team member (not just advisors) to become a partner/owner, with perquisite tenure and contribution.


  • Base Compensation

    At rebel Financial we offer a competitive base salary which is payed weekly. However, we do not hide the fact that we are a little on the lower side of this equation because we offer our team members bonus, profit sharing, and the ability to earn equity.

  • Company Bonus:

    The Company Bonus is a quarterly bonus program based on the entire firm’s performance relative to the goals we set at the beginning of the quarter. These are tracked daily and readily displayed live on monitors throughout the office.

    Occasionally, team members may significantly exceed expectations and/or make an extraordinary contribution to the firm. In these circumstances, an additional bonus is warranted and we will ensure that they are rewarded appropriately and equitably.

  • Performance Compensation:

    Performance compensation is a standardized and transparent process at rebel Financial, which is calculated daily (called rF Credit), based on performance and contribution to the company, and paid out quarterly. There are no caps to our Performance comp as we believe team members should be rewarded consummately with their efforts and contributions.

  • Equity Opportunities:

    The general idea of rebel Financial is to be an employee owned venture in which all team members care greatly about the welfare of the business and the exceptional service we provide to clients. While we do not give equity away or offer this privilege lightly, there is a concrete way to firm ownership for any employee that works diligently, contributes substantially to our growth, and displays a long-term commitment to being a part of our team.


  • Health Insurance - QSEHRA

    As a small company, group health insurance plans can be quite expensive and not necessarily efficient for our business or our team members. Thus, we do not offer a group health insurance plan. However, we help our team members to find the best coverage whether it is joining a spouses’ plan, enrolling in a private plan, or enrolling through the ACA exchange. Additionally, we offer a QSEHRA to provide $250-$750/month in tax free premium reimbursement on eligible plans.

  • HSA

    We also make matching contributions to our team member’s HSA accounts. We make a monthly match to your HSA based on employee tenure up to $200/mo.

  • Retirement

    We maintain a generous 401k & Profit Sharing plan that matches 4% safe harbor on the first 5% of employee contributions and an additional 0.25% up to 15%. We may also make an additional profit sharing contribution at the end of the year, depending on the performance of the firm.

  • Sick & Vacation Time

    We offer a base 1 week sick time per year (increases to 2 years after the 1st year) with 1 weeks of paid vacation per year of tenure (up to 6 weeks total). So after 5 years tenure you would have 8 weeks of PTO! Additionally, we are very flexible with work schedules, additional non-paid sick, and vacation time as long as you coordinate with your team leader so that it does not negatively impact the firm.

  • Access to Group Life Insurance and Disability Insurance

    You may apply for Life insurance after 90 days of employment and you will receive guaranteed acceptance between 90-150 days of employment on up to $250,000 of life insurance.

    You may apply for disability insurance after 90 days of employment and you will receive guaranteed acceptance between 90-150 days of employment on up to a maximum amount based on your income.

  • Discounted Legal and Security Protection

    Instead of paying a lawyer expensive hourly fees, you pay a small monthly fee and get access to experienced attorneys that can help you with any legal issue. LegalShield also offers a second service, IDShield, an identify protection service. Both of these services are discounted through rebel Financial and come with membership perks.

  • Apparel Subsidy

    We offer apparel subsidies each quarter for our team member’s. The first item is free, and any additional items are 50% off. Reimbursement requests can be submitted to the link below to take advantage of rebel Financials’ apparel subsidy.

    Reimbursement requests can be submitted to the link below:

  • Student Loan & 529 Matching Program

    We believe that your investment in your education was very important. Realizing that not everyone was able to get a scholarship or have the means to pay for their higher education. We have added a student loan repayment program that matches $25-$200/ month to your student loan payment, depending on your tenure with the company. Additionally, for those that do not have student loan’s we have an alternative option to match contributions for 529 plan(s).

  • NAPFA Membership

    Additionally, if you are a Financial Advisor/Coach with our firm your NAPFA membership fees are paid for under our corporate membership.

  • CE & Conference Reimbursement

    As a firm, we value continuous education for all team member’s. Therefore, we require that every team member complete at least 30 hours of CE per year (and double that for advisors). Our team member’s can receive reimbursement for continuing education courses, along with travel expenses to financial planning and investment management conferences.

    Reimbursement requests can be submitted to the link below:

  • Free investment management, financial planning, estate planning and tax preparation services

    Lastly, we offer our services to team members free of charge, which includes investment management, financial planning, estate planning, tax preparation and any/all of our client service tools. This is a tremendous value that all team members should leverage and not take lightly.