rebel Financial Organization Chart and Career Paths:

At rebel Financial, we have clear paths to success for all of our team members. We thoroughly believe that all parts of our organization are integral for the optimal growth of our business and the ability to offer the best service to our clients.

For most career paths within our firm it will take between 10-15 years to progress from entry level to the top and the average time-frame will be about 5 years to be eligible to start to buy in as equity holder/partner. For advisors, we generally do not hire in experienced advisors above associate advisors because how we do things is so different from most firms in the industry and we believe that our partners have to earn their way through becoming a shareholder in the firm. We are  not against hiring experienced advisors but just know that we do not allow anyone to skip to the front of the line or "buy" their way in.

We firmly believe in investing in the continual education and improvement of our team members and everyone here is expected to continually improve themselves, be supportive in each other's development and constructive in progressing our firm as a whole. We also believe that it is our responsibility to serve the best interests of employees as well as clients. You will find that we will always be supportive of your continual growth within our company and even beyond if you choose to spread your wings and pursue other opportunities (like an rF Alumni).

We are excited at our ever increasing opportunity to serve clients, our community, our country, and our ever increasing team!